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Product Description

General information

Tungsten tubes are obtained from rods through a process that involves isotactic pressing, sintering, machining and finishing. Usually, the tungsten tubes use more than 90% pure tungsten therefore retaining the metal’s superior qualities, such as high purity, corrosion resistance, high density, and robustness. Tungsten tubes are generally polished so the surface inside and outside the tube is even without any cracks.

Due to the unique physical and chemical properties, tungsten tubes are used for a wide range of applications like producing filaments, sputtering targets and heating elements. Tubes are available in various sizes that are manufactured as per the requirements.

We are an Indian company catering products and solutions in India, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Philippines and Vietnam. As a leading provider of scientific laboratory consumables, we excel in delivering a wide range of high-purity tungsten metal products for chemistry and science laboratory applications. Our team of experts across different platforms can discuss and customize your requirements as per your needs.

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We also provide Tungsten Crucibles, Tungsten Boats, Tungsten Electrodes, Tungsten Mandrels, Tungsten Foils, Tungsten Sheets and Plates, Tungsten Wires, Tungsten Rods and Bars, and Tungsten substrates.

Key properties

  • High melting point (3410 °C)
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High electrical resistance
  • Low vapour pressure
  • High density
  • Resistance to oxidation and creep
  • Extreme hardness
  • High tensile strength


Tungsten tubes are highly resistant to high temperature. They are used: –

  • To make filaments
  • For automotive parts
  • To make sputtering targets
  • For sapphire crystal growth furnace
  • For smelting rare earth metals
  • For furnace heating elements