Multi Channel Model
Multi Channel Model Multi Channel Model

Multi Channel Model

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Product Description

M-Kube offers one of the best Multi-Channel Potentiostat / Galvanostat model in Australia.

Some of the features of our multi channel model includes taking simultaneous measurements for multiple channels (2 or 4 or 8 channels).

Each channel has a defined current control range whereas a potential control range is ±10V.

All the channels are independent of each other and the model uses Ethernet connection.

This kind of Multichannel model is very convenient for researchers who have to deal with multiple samples at a time. It brings down the time of study too.

This product provides a comprehensive research platform to study corrosion of metals in water, electrosynthesis, electrodeposition (electroplating) battery tests, electrochemical analysis, sensor, life science study and environmental chemistry, New energy materials (Li-ion battery, solar cell, fuel cell, supercapacitors), advanced functional materials, photoelectronic materials; etc.

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