Molybdenum Disilicide
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Molybdenum Disilicide ( MoSi2 Heating Element )

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Product Description

Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element is a high-density electric element principally containing molybdenum disilicide for use in industrial and laboratory furnaces temperature of up to 1800 oC. Elements fabricated of this unique material support high power densities on their surface (e.g. 20 W/cm² of element surface area at an element temperature of 1700°C, 14 W/cm² at 1800°C, and 5 W/cm² at 1900°C), can be cycled rapidly. 3 grades are available with maximum element temperatures of 1700°C, 1800°C, and 1900°C in air.

Made of molybdenum disilicide based cermets MOSI2 heating elements withstand oxidation at very high temperatures. Their surface is protected by a thin layer of silica glass that forms when they are exposed to oxygen at elevated temperatures. Although the base cermet is consumed in the formation of the silica “skin” the rate of decomposition is minimal.

It withstands corrosion and oxidation, like ceramic materials, and has a low thermal expansion. MoSi2 has considerable high chemical resistance and hence, can be used in most furnace atmospheres. The most favorable conditions for MoSi2 heating elements are oxidizing atmospheres such as carbon dioxide, air, and water vapor, but MoSi2 elements also tend to operate well in carburizing, reducing, and neutral atmospheres.

It also has good thermal and electrical conductivity, like metallic materials. Thermal shock does not have any effect on the element and as a heating element, it can withstand many years of service because of its strength.

Product type

We can supply a wide range and the different sizes of MoSi2 heating elements for your specific requirements.

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MoSi2 heating elements are available in 1700 grade, 1800 grade with different in shape and sizes.

  • U shape
  • W shape
  • Straight shape (X shape)
  • bend shape (L shape)
  • Round shape
  • Spiral shape
  • M shape