SIC Heating Elements
SIC Heating Elements SIC Heating Elements SIC Heating Elements SIC Heating Elements SIC Heating Elements SIC Heating Elements

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements (SiC heating elements)

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Product Description

SiC is a resistance type non-metal heating element made from high-density and high purity recrystallized silicon carbide. These are extruded in the form of rods or tubes.

Some of the unique properties of Silicon Carbide heating elements (SiC heating elements)  are high temperature resistance, resistance to oxidation, and chemical resistance to process volatiles. They have a long service life and are relatively easy to install (both horizontally and vertically) and maintain. Hence, its used in various high temperature industrial as well as laboratory based electric furnaces and heating devices, such as those used in magnetic, ceramic, powder metallurgy, glass metallurgy and machinery industries, at operating temperatures up to 1625°C.  Silicon carbide heating elements are capable of high-power output.

These heating elements are available in a wide variety of standard sizes and shapes, or in customized designs to meet the specific needs of various processes and equipment. Standard shapes are rod type, U type W type, TW type, WBD type, SG type, SGR type, DB type

We can supply a wide range and different sizes & shapes of SiC heating elements  (Silicon Carbide heating elements) for your specific requirements can be available in a variety of sizes and shapes, or can be customized to meet the specific needs for various processes, furnaces and equipment

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